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Artist Bio

I am from the United States, but have traveled extensively across the world to learn and develop my skills. The majority of my travels are within Central and Southern Europe, Greece being my favorite. I invite you to visit my website as  I hope to share with you the unique beauty of many different countries through photography, paintings and charcoal sketches.

My primary medium is oil, but,  I continue to challenge my abilities through use of others such as charcoal, watercolor, acrylic and glaze. I use many different subjects and techniques to offer varying perspectives. My paintings explore abstracts, still life, landscapes, portraits and nudes.  I am also very passionate about photography, mixed media, and murals, which are also a significant part of my work.

My formal training began in the United States and took me abroad to further hone my skills. I have had the pleasure of studying in the south of France at the Leo Marchutz School of Painting and Design while attending IAU in Provence, I know that it is there that the core of my life began as a painter.

Painting for more than 20 years, I have been a dedicated student of the arts. My commitment to art education is part of a lifetime adventure.

"Thank you for visiting the website, your patronage is greatly appreciated. I invite you to return occasionally to review and critique recent work and send your thoughts through the guest book.

My current project is marketing and developing my sketches.

Painting, to me, is like any other profession and requires constant study, application and critique. My work is my life and I take great pride in that statement.....

I aspire to keep it open and interesting as I am continuously changing subjects and media's to challenge myself as a painter.

I hope you enjoy my work."


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