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I have taken photographs of Europe for about 15 and  I have yet to make an opportunity to scan it and show it here on the website.  My favorite place to take photographs is Italy with its rich beauty and classical architecture. The angels on the bridge in Vatican City alone are worth the trip. Its an amazing feeling just standing beneath them and trying to imagine the work put into their making and installation.
Monaco 1999, 2001
  - Sketches and Photography.
Mexico 2003
  - Sketches and Photography.
Brazil 2004
  - Sketches and Photography.
Photography by VORHEIER
I have many sketches and photo's from these countries also but have yet to publish them......soon.
2000, 2001 & 2004, Paintings, Sketches and Photography from Paris, Nice, Provence, Arles, Marseille and the Loire Valley. and had an opportunity to tour the vineyards and surrounding villages. One of my favorite places was Chateau-Nuff-de Pape. There I found a small and beautiful garden with an amazing view and spent part of my afternoon there making charcoal sketches.

I spent some time studying In Aix-en -Provence and found the south of France to be heaven on Earth, particularly when it comes to fresh bread and cheese!

Behind these photographs I have added an extra link with personal notes attached if your are interested in more information.
Italy  ---  1999, 2001, 2003, 2004

  - Painting, sketches and Photography from Rome, Venice, Capri, Florence, Gubbio  and Cinqua Tierra and The Vatcan.
Greece- 2000-2007

  Paintings, Sketches, Murals, and Photography from Greece.
The photo's are of Santorini Island.
The Kingdom of The Netherlands are located next to Belgium and Germany and are known for their beautiful windmills, tulips,  dairy and extensive biking paths. 

An interesting fact that  I learned is that people often confuse Holland with The Netherlands but Holland  is part of two regions inside the Kingdom..

I have not had the pleasure of visiting all of The Netherlands but the few places I have been were really amazing. If you are ever in Amsterdam on the weekend you definitely want to pick a spot by the canal and watch the parade of boats go by. To those who like museums, the Van Gogh Museum was impressive and is attached to a beautiful park close to the Rembrandt Museum.

Further north in the Netherlands you can find ornate villages and lush countryside that help you to understand why Dutch people love their country so much. . It is a landscape painters dream.
The Netherlands- 2007
I spent nine day visiting Istanbul touring the museums, restaurants, and local bizarre. It was quite an experience being a tourist in a Muslim country. I met many interesting people and saw some of the greatest sculptures you could ever imagine. I spent several days painting from the rooftop in the cold. The staff at the hotel were so kind, they continuously brought me hot tea and cocoa as I worked. In fact, one person at the hotel was an artist and gave a a sketch that is very dear to me. My last day there happened to be on a religious holiday and in the taxi on the way to the airport, I noticed families picnicking on the hills and making animal sacrifices. It was a reminder that every culture is unique!
Thailand- 2007
Buda on the hillside.
Beach in Phuket, Thailand.
House in the country.
Germany 2006 Photography
Spain 2006
  - Sketches and Photography.