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Sketching was part of my training in the south of France during my studies. Students spent countless hours sketching in the studio and sitting in cafes. We sat close to the street, sipping coffee, attempting to stay warm while sketching people as they walked past and down the Cours Mirabeaux. Often we would review, critique and exchange sketches with cafe patrons and each other, it was a great experience. I have continued the habit of timing myself as I sketch so I can review them later and evaluate my progress.  To me, they are priceless memories of the people, places and things I have seen during my travels.....Some of the sketches below have the minutes written on then.
Some of the sketches are matted and the matt size may vary, however, it can be change to accomodate any size frame.
Drawings by VORHEIER
Charcoal Sketches
Oil Paintings featuring-
Portraits-Nudes-Still Life- Abstracts-Landscapes-Europe Art