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Life as an artist? Imagine yourself able to express your thoughts or emotions on another level. Imagine the ability to capture one moment and preserve it for a lifetime. Now imagine the discipline, sacrifice and  reward that come with it.......

I post the current promotions here or provide a link to my recent paintings so check back from time to time.
Charcoal sketches were part of my  during studies my studies in France. I like to sit at cafes and make 30 second drawings of people passing by or sit under a tree and work for several minutes as you can see here.  When I travel I dont always have the luxury of a studio to paint in so I often sketch in random places. I have only recently pulled together a few pieces and have matted and framed them for display. I sketched this picture on a farm in the Dutch countryside and just beyond there were horses grazing.
Oil Painting featuring-
Portraits-Nudes-Still Life- Abstracts-Landscapes -Europe Art
How do you look at art?  Ever wonder what the critics base their judgements on or what exactly is an acomplished work of art? 
 Art Criticism 101
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